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Dear Madam, dear Sir, Welcome to www.hotels-voyages.com.

The INFHOTIK society designed this website to emphasize all the hotelkeepers, the restaurant owners and all the families having guest houses using the Infhotik software (PMS): Program of hotel management and catering since 1999, through metropolitan France, Corsica, Guyana, Belgium, Switzerland and Morocco.

You will have the pleasure to discover for your holidays or business trips, different types of establishments: family, independent, gastronomic or regional, from 1 to 4 stars. Warm welcomes, sophisticated cuisine, beautiful landscapes, sea, sun, lakes, mountains, summer and winter alike and the snow.

The Hotelkeepers and the restaurant owners of big fames wait for you for a pleasant, peaceful stay and an unforgettable culinary discovery....

Make your searches Have a good stay and a safe journey

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